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Almuñécar Festivities: The San Miguel neighbourhood is adorned with garlands
The most special patron saint festival in Almuñécar is the Feast of San Miguel. Why so, you might ask. It is due to the fact that it is the oldest neighborhood in our town. It has been inhabited by Phoenicians and then the Romans, of course passing through Al-Andalus and the Castillas. It has witnessed how Almuñécar grew and transformed into the modern town that it is today, but without losing its essence that we take pride off here at Almuñécar Hotels and Hotel Victoria Playa. It is probably one of the most distinctive neighborhoods within our beautiful tropical and Mediterranean paradise.
San Miguel Castle, emblem of the oldest neighborhood in Almuñécar
The neighborhood of San Miguel is around the San Miguel Castle, on the Cerro de San Miguel. It is open to the public and in fact, there are guided tours that you can join. You would not believe how excited our guests were when they attended the evening guided tours of San Miguel Castle this summer. They were amazed after discovering our history, illuminated only by the moonlight and the good work of well-trained and funny tour guides.
History of the San Miguel Castle: historical heritage of Almuñécar
The Castle of San Miguel of Almuñécar is housed in the now called Cerro de San Miguel. However, as we said, the Phoenicians were the first to inhabit it . Since it was a town of merchants, they did not build fortresses or defensive buildings, but rather other buildring sucha as the "The Salted Fish", the fish conservation system and the Phoenician-Roman factory that we have in the Majuelo Park.
Thus, when the Muslims arrived in Almuñécar was when a fortress was built on the highest part of the hill. The function was mainly for defense, since, from there, you can see perfectly who approaches land by sea. However, over time, it became the summer residence of the Nasrid dynasty. Imagine, they left the Alhambra to rest here! Today, the almuñequeros, the guests of the Hotel Victoria Playa and the tourists have the pleasure of seeing the sea with the same calmness as the Nasrid kings and we can perfectly understand their decision. The landscape, the weather and the people cannot be more welcoming.
Almuñécar Old Town: Castillo de San Miguel after the Reconquest
After the Reconquest, the Catholic Monarchs baptized it as the Castle of San Miguel, since according to the Catholic religion, the archangel San Gabriel is in charge of protecting the Christian faith. Ferdinand the Catholic built a moat for the prisoners, the impressive and rugged facade and the drawbridge. This bridge has already disappeared, but it was designed and designed to link San Miguel Castle with the Peñón del Santo.
A path that might trigger your vertigo, but for the locals and for those who have enjoyed it, it remains a magical place. It is easy to imagine the sound of the waves, the light of the stars, and in front, the mighty Castle or the brightness of the sea, don't you just love it?
Over time and after successive wars, the Castle of San Miguel de Almuñécar ended up being a cemetery until the 20th century.
As you can see, it is not surprising that among the Almuñécar festivals, the San Miguel is one of the most proudly celebrated. Those who live or have lived in this neighborhood are linked to centuries-worth of history.
Almuñécar as a family: San Miguel festival program
September 27th
At 12:00 the charanga "folklore" will play music to kickstart the festival. Later, at 5:00 pm, we will be surprised with traditional games for the whole family. As it is one of the neighborhoods where flamenco lives on, we will have the performances of Evi Martí and Meditereánea. Finally, you can enjoy the popular festival with a very special entertainer: DJ Marco Cortés. The queen of the Festival of San Miguel 2019 will also be chosen!
September 28
Again, the "folklore" will kick off, but this time along with a parade of big heads. The bars will open at this time. At five o'clock, the tradition will shake hands, with a children's confinement of an inflatable heifer , to give way to a Twerking show thanks The Royal Family. Finally, we will have the
September 29th
For lunch, you can enjoy the popular paella, enlivened with the flamenco show of Teresa Barbero "La Polvorilla". In the afternoon, there will be a mass in honor of San Miguel. After this, there will be a procession with the image of the Saint that will roam throughout the neighborhood.
Ana González, a popular copla singer, will perform at the official party booth, accompanied by Josemi and Lolo de la Encarna on the piano, two popular personalities in this genre. Later, the local DJ Marcos Cortés will perform and before midnight, you can enjoy the fireworks!
At Hotel Victoria Playa we are very proud of the Almuñécar festivals. We recommend that in addition to enjoying our pool and slides, you are encouraged to enjoy one of the most celebrated local celebrations in Almuñécar. Our team is waiting for you!
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The sea of Almuñécar, a refuge and millenary inspiration
Over the years, nature has gone to the background. The life of places and towns hides the sweat of laborers, peasants and sailors. The truth is that, without them, our life would be simply impossible. The sea and the earth have always been present in our history, saving us from epidemics and crises. At Hotel Victoria Playa we are very grateful to that generosity of nature, because thanks to her, many of us here, we can tell it. The time has come, therefore, for us to tell what history hides, what resonates in the waves of the sea of Almuñécar, what is still told in the benches of the Carrera de la Concepción, where people Older gather to chat.

The great Cadiz poet remembered the sea with nostalgia always:

The sea. The sea.
The sea. Only the sea!
Why did you bring me, father,
to the city?
Why did you dig me up
from sea

If you have been to Almuñécar, surely you have ever come to see the Marina del Este Marina. But you will have also walked along the Paseo de San Cristóbal and you will have encountered a lot of boats that sleep on the beach, face down, waiting for their next entry into the sea. Many of these vessels belong to centuries-old seafaring families. Grandchildren and great-grandchildren know how the waters of our little piece of the Mediterranean Sea have taken away a lot of hunger throughout our history. In times of ration cards, droughts, the sea was always there: not only as a beautiful and relaxing landscape, but as a mother who provides and scrambles to do so. To keep us alive.

The Almuñécar Sea in history

All families have a story in their house where a sea or a sailor saved their lives. Sometimes, in the form of fish; others, in the form of slaughter in the sea; others, with women sewing nets on the shore, on the mother's skirts; maybe also cleaning fish ... There are thousands of possibilities and rarely we remember the victory of the sea of ​​Almuñécar.

But that is not all. It also freed entire generations of diseases linked to lack of hygiene. The houses, without fresh water, surrounded by rivers without water, lacked pipes and taps that would cleanse our skin from the sufferings of the day. For that, we had the sea.
The workers and day laborers washed themselves in the sea and dried on the shore, along with other companions, with whom they talked and told the ravages of the day. Probably more than one letter of flamenco jondo will spring from the salt of the throats of those men who only had themselves to survive, helped with what life gave them: nature and people, who were not people, but family. In times of shortages we all learned from the sea that "everything is shared here." From there, the boys went to see the girls, with the skin scaled and smelling of saltpeter. They were heading to conquer their girlfriends, with the same eagerness with which they had conquered the day. Work, smiles, compliments and a song. And much future: plans, plans, plans, with which the girls and the boys fantasized. They no longer thought about eating: the sea and the land had taken away their hunger. Free from hunger, there is only time left for the future that had returned their gaze to the horizon, "What is beyond that line?" There was only a possible answer: shared fantasy, never the fall.

The sea of ​​Almuñécar, an inspiration for the sexitanos

Those men and women were our grandparents and great-grandparents, or our great-great grandparents. It doesn’t matter. Everyone knew how to live head and toe. Hold on to the sea and the land. To his girlfriends and their mothers. To their husbands and their parents. To their siblings. The only thing they had, the only thing they needed. Thanks to that clinging to life, to them to stay here, always, today families like the Victoria Playa Hotel can continue dreaming and fantasizing. It is a debt we have with the sea and our ancestors: from the Romans to the nearest.
Each of us knows we work on a family project, which began almost a hundred years ago, during which the premise has always been the same: forward, for Almuñécar, for the future. From here we work, without stopping to dream the next step, to be able to take it later.
Conforming is not an option, isn't the sea still a sea, despite the plastic with which we drown them? The sea accepts the conditions and fights for its life, for ours. Talk to us, eject what you don't want, get hot when we don't expect it, bearly gets cold. If he fights and imagines solutions to shine brighter, if “José Andrés Fernández, our captain, has wanted to continue his parents’ legacy of struggle and overcoming, the team at Hotel Victoria Playa does the same. We wake up every morning with just one question in mind, what can we do to improve people's lives? And when the idea does not arise, we look at the horizon and listen to its call.

The sea has been food, motor and playmate of all the souls of Almuñécar or who have come to Almuñécar. That is what we want to do at Hotel Victoria Playa, with your help, for you. We are looking forward to receiving you, helping you, helping you relax, giving you the smell of the sea and listening to you. Ours is a deeper and stronger commitment than the foundations of a building, because it comes from the most majestic thing we have: the sea and the sky. The beautiful line where all dreams come in. We pick them up, do you want one? Sit down and listen ...
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Conference tourism
Conference tourism: why choose Almuñécar as a MICE destination

The companies that are committed to the continuous training of their employees and the organization of events that ease the relationship between them are increasingly raising, but they prefer to hold it far from the usual place of work. When we disconnect from the office, people tend to relax and look at others in another way. Knowing that what is required is learning by disconnecting, we are sure that Almuñécar is the perfect destination for MICE tourism (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions), since in addition to having facilities that allow you to carry out these meetings, such as the Victoria Playa Hotel, our town is ideal to find peace and fun at any time of the year.

When you attend a training or coworking event, you want to be as comfortable as possible. When talking about comfort, we obviously refer to a good sleep, but also to be able to continue your healthy diet, your exercise session, watch television in your own language, have a good internet connection, a spacious room where you can work in ... All these things are more than possible in Almuñécar. In fact, at Victoria Playa Hotel, we take care of the quality of food, we have a gym and Turkish bath, guarantee good internet connection, have a heated pool and, of course, we offer several lounges for holding events.

But what happens when the work sessions end? In Almuñécar we have a unique environment to favour the relationship between people and do networking. In many congresses, a room for networking is enabled, but this option is usually perceived as too forced, devoid of naturalness, so it does not get the desired success. Otherwise, the feeling is very different when you can go for a walk along a beautiful promenade, full of restaurants and beach bars that open all year so you can have fun with those people you have found interesting, or go to the city centre, to dine at a good restaurant and finish the night with a cocktail at the hotel or next to the beach. All this, regardless of whether it is November or June, because the weather in Almuñécar is enviable during the four seasons. So much so, that it is usual to see terraces full of people in winter.

As it is a small city, event attendees can walk and have fun without getting away from the hotel where they are staying. Without going any further, we are three minutes from the beach and ten from the centre. If you add to this that Almuñécar is a very safe town, it is logical to think that we are perfect for holding events and MICE tourism.

At Victoria Playa Hotel we have extensive experience in this regard and we know that guests who have come for this reason have left very satisfied. We try to take maximum care of our guests and provide them with the best possible environment, always ready to listen. In addition, we are very proud to participate in activities that serve to share knowledge and enrich the lives of our guests.
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Advantages of travelling throughout the year
Everyone is waiting for summer vacations to arrive. They are our holy days, untouchables. However, traveling has so many benefits that it is worth getting an occasional getaway the rest of the year. Although there are many studies that prove it, at the Victoria Playa Hotel, we know it from our experience. We know how our guests arrive and how they leave. Although they have been with us just during a long weekend, their faces shift towards a much more relaxed gesture. We even noticed it in the voice. Therefore, we would like to explain what are the long-term advantages travel:

We strengthen the brain: when are grown-ups, the brain weakens as we turn years. Therefore, it is good to do exercises that slow down that process. One of them, the funniest, is traveling. Exposure to new people and places activates our brain, while providing pleasure: we give ourselves the opportunity to surprise ourselves.

We learn and meet new people: precisely because we exercise it when traveling and relate that mental gymnastics to pleasure, we will have a more awake mind, more predisposed to learn and understand new ideas. If you travel with children, this is a facet to keep in mind. In any case, curiosity and flexibility helps the elderly as well.

Increase creativity: think of a new place as a word. The greater our vocabulary, the greater the capacity to invent will be. Creativity is a quality to which we all should aspire, not only artists. Creativity is nothing more than the ability to solve problems differently. Therefore, it helps us at work, in studies ...

Increases happiness: both those who work, inside or outside the home, and those who study, are suffer a high degree of stress. We all have problems that it is good to disconnect. Giving yourself leisure, peace, fun will generate a state of well-being that will help you face everyday problems and tasks.

At Hotel Victoria Playa, we know that we are offering our guests life. Therefore, we strive to make that quality of life better and better. Every day, we wake up with that in mind: a day of happiness, a victory in life.
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Almuñecar with the family
Almuñécar: the perfect place for a family holiday

Traveling with your children is wonderful. The quality of the time you share is much greater than when you are at home. However, it is also true that, sometimes, you miss having a time alone with your partner, or, simply, alone. Therefore, choosing your holiday destination well is very important. At Victoria Playa Hotel, we believe that Almuñécar is ideal for family getaways. We have been working here for almost a century, and each year, we are more confident about our choice, do you want to know why?

First of all, because it is a small and very safe city. This means that, from a certain age, children can walk through Almuñécar perfectly. They learn quickly how to walk on Almuñécar, so they experience an unbelievable freedom that n larger cities is imposible. In addition, we are witnesses of how when you choose the same destination for several years, in the end, they make friends in Almuñécar. In this way, they expand their social circle and move a little away from the screens.

But to take advantage of that freedom, there have to be places to go. And we have them. First of all, we have the beach. When we talk about going to the beach, we refer to winter and summer, since, unless it rains, it is luxury on our beaches. In fact, there are many families who choose autumn and winter to visit Alumuñécar or, even, to stay here to live, precisely because the sun almost always heats us up. Besides, we have several recreational games places for all ages. From restaurants and establishments with facilities for children to the rooms with billiards, darts, table football ... The latter with strict control over alcohol. On the other hand, sports life in Almuñécar is very active. We have clubs and associations of various sport disciplines, so if you like sports, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a good game of football, handball, indoor football ... Of course, we have our movie theatres, including several summer cinemas.

On the other hand, hotels like the Victoria Playa Hotel in Almuñécar have an entertainment team that will make you have a great time. We always keep in mind the need to spend time together, as well as the more than legitimate need to spend time with oneself. The kids are very well cared for by our animators, while you can get those hours that we all need to be with ourselves or our life partners.

Almuñécar is perfect for a family getaway in winter and summer, and all our team strives to make it so. There is not a day in which the workers of the Victoria Playa Hotel do not work to improve and make your life easier.
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We revalidated Q Certificate of Tourist Quality
Quality is usually a subjective issue and when it comes to a service that you provide, the judgment may become cloudy. It is very common to think that you are better than you really are. Therefore, at the Victoria Playa Hotel, we have decided to submit to an external audit that certifies that, in effect, we are working in the appropriate line. For this, we have adhered to the Tourism Excellence Program, "Q". Every year, we are evaluated and we can proudly say that this year we have obtained the Q quality certification once again, what is more, we are the only Hotel in the Coast of Granada which has it, but What exactly does this certificate consist of?

The first thing that distinguishes this quality certificate is its requirement. There are some certificates that are limited to comfirm that the service that is promised is being offered. For example, if we say that we have wifi connection in the hotel, it would evaluate if we have or do not have it, but they don’t say if the quality of the signal is good in all the rooms. This is not the case of the Q. It has its own standards, so if you do not reach these standards, it is impossible to get it. In addition, it’s based on continuous improvement, so every year it’s more complicated to achieve it. For this reason, it is such a prestigious certification and generates so much reliance in customers.

To give you an idea: in Andalusia, one of the most common tourist destinations in Spain, only 49 hotel establishments have it, and within the province of Granada, we are 6, so that the Victoria Playa Hotel is the only hotel in Almuñécar in the Tropics og Europe who has the Q certificate for tourist quality, do you want to know what is evaluated?

The audit is very extensive, since it covers all the area we work on: management, maintenance, accommodation, cleaning, restoration, provisioning, events and animation. In this way, it is judged from the planning, management of resources and control elements by the administration; how the accommodation experience is from the moment you arrive at the hotel until you leave (including communication with the reception staff); the diversity and quality of the gastronomic offer; cleaning procedures, as well as facilities maintenance protocols, such as the pool, gym, or event room. All this, always from the experience of our guests point of wiew and not from the comfort of the work team.

Taking this into account, at the Hotel Victoria Playa de Almuñécar we are very proud to say that we have the Q certificate of tourist quality. In addition, having achieved one more year, motivates us to continue working to improve ourselves for the next evaluation. For this, we have 12 exciting months to think about how to improve your experience with us.
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Jazz and Flamenco in Almuñecar
Jazz festivals on the coast and the flamenco reed fill the summer of Almuñécar with music .

Culture is very important for our city. Almuñécar enjoys offering its residents and visitors quality shows. During the summer, you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the best jazz festivals in Spain and a flamenco festival that, although very young, has top figures from the world of flamenco, whether singing and dancing. As you will have seen in our Facebook community, the Victoria Playa Hotel is delighted to offer you accommodation in Almuñécar at the same level.

Both events are held in the Parque del Majuelo , Can you imagine listening to first class music under the stars and the dew of the mid-summer night? The stage is arranged in such a way that at the same time you enjoy live music, you have the Castle of San Miguel illuminated just onto the stage , on the left the antique salting fish area and on the other directions, a great amount of vegetal species from all over the world, but who are you listening to during the festivals?

Although this is its XVIII edition, the Hotel Victoria Playa has seen how the Jazz en la costa Festival (from July 15 to 20) has been growing since its inception, not in vain our bussiness is already more than 50 years old. Since it started, we have always had an enviable poster, including Chucho Valdés or Jorge Pardo . This year, we will have the best of the genre, from the youngest ones, like Antonio Lizana , to the more most established, like the Huston Person Trio . In addition, you will have two environments: you can sit in front of the stage or have a seat at a table under the palm trees. In this last case, do not expect a bustling climate, the respect for artists is maximum.

On the other hand, thanks to the Caña Flamenca Festival , you will see one of the most iconic figures of Granada flamenco: Curro Albaycín , on August 9. Curro is an essential figure of flamenco developed in the Sacromonte. Heir to the popular culture of the famous gypsy neighborhood, the artist has made great research to recover the oldest songs of this art in Granada. It will be, therefore, a way to bring the caves of Sacromonte to the Costa Tropical . This is the meeting place with another flamenco tradition: the Sevillian, via the dancer known as Farruquito, on August 10th. Regardin him, it is said that he dances by heart, not because of the exactness of his choreography, but because of the deep knowledge of tradition he has got.
You only need to focus on having fun. The Victoria Playa Hotel is here, for you, to make it easier to rest and leave behind the excess in our Aquagym session or at our gym.
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Almuñécar and the Hotel Victoria Playa ready for your holiday
Almuñécar and the Victoria Playa Hootel ready for summer holidays

Since May, the excitement among the entire team of the Hotel Victoria Playa is amazing. The summer holidays are closer and Almuñécar is full of people looking for resting and disconnecting to their obligations. We are looking forward to receiving you, there is no better job than ours: making people feel good. It is our true vocation and, therefore, we try our best to achieve it.
To begin with, you can enjoy our slides. While the kids enjoy in our water park, the adults of the family may try some of our cocktails and sunbathe in the Solarium. If you are worried about gaining that weight that you have lost with such a hard effort, Belén, the magician of leisure activities, has prepared an Aquagym session for you. You will come great to balance the excesses of the holidays, as well as to end up with those muscular contractures that we bring from work.

In addition, from June 13 you can enjoy the Water Park Aquatic "Aquatropic". Designed for families, you will find attractions and rides for people of all ages: from the pools for the little ones, for teenagers and adults, to the jacuzzi for those who prefer peace to adrenaline.
On the other hand, five minutes from the Hotel Victoria Playa you will find one of the most emblematic beaches in Almuñécar, next to “chiringuitos” that are already an whole institution. There, you have a playground, so that everyone is at ease, Do you want a good plate of fried fish? And a good spinach of sardines? You can even decide to try a fish of the day with the skewer. If you want to know more about the beach bars, you can ask us without problem. If you like modern cuisine, we recommend the FIRMVN Restaurant, leader in signature cuisine in the province of Granada and on the Costa Tropical.

But not everything is to eat and bathe, surely you also want to attend a concert or show. We also have something to say here. On the one hand, we have our live nightly shows and, on the other, the cultural programming of Almuñécar. In this sense, the festivals La Caña Flamenca and the Festival of Jazz en la costa at the Parque del Majuelo stage. If the first one is becoming a reference, despite being its second edition, the Jazz Festival en la Costa is already a flagship of culture in Almuñécar and one of the most important jazz festivals in Spain. Although the Jazz Festival on the Coast is celebrated in July and the Caña Flamenca in August, we recommend you to buy tickets in advance, because they are sold out quickly.
Throughout the summer, Hotel Victoria Playa will inform you about the most important events in Almuñécar, so you can complement the experience of staying with a hotel whose only concern is your well-being with the fun offered by this special town
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Gastronomic fair in Almuñécar
Gastronical Fair in Almuñecar: enjou the best of our gastronomy since May 31st to June, 2nd

Almuñécar and Granada are well-known by its tapas. We have a wide range of bars, but the Tapa Route showed that our town has an enviable gastronomy. The Gastronomical Fairs help us to offer our gourmet dishes to all kind of audience. Everyone has the right to taste our restaurants’ delicatesen, as well as the reinterpretation of traditional dishes.
As we said, the Gastronomical Fairy of Almulécar is held from May, 31st to June, 2nd , in an unique spot: Majuelo Park. In addition to its historic value, since it is built around th Phoenician curing, is a beautiful place. It is a botanical park with plant species from all over the wold. Besides, they give the freshness to an event at that time. They enhance the best qualities of Almuñécar: sun and warm weather.

This year will be the second year in charge of the Hotelier Association and the Patronato de Turismo. While guests taste the best dishes of the best restaurans in Almuñécar, they will take part in contest and try special dishes that will leave you with your mouth open and your palate wanting more. Also, you will enjoy life music and dancing shows. Of course, there will be a tribute to a professional in the sector que have delighted un with his o or her work, Who will be? Aware of the increasing popularity of the gastronomical tourism, we are having a mor dynamic fair, able to attract young visitors who are searching for a different culinary experience. The fact they are betting on popular prices helps a lot. Along with these prices, we are having reputed chefs in Granada, thanks to the collaboration of ARTCUA, a platform in defence of the culinary heritage, product and tourism in Andalucía.
The truth is that Victoria Playa Hotel is very content of this XXI Gastronomical Fair in our town. We ensure you have the best rest and service you can have. You have our facilities available, like our swimming pool or our jacuzzi, With our cocktails! We encourage you to come and try this experience for all ages and families, We are waiting for you!
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Scuba-diving in Almuñecar
Scuba-diving and snorkelling in Almuñécar
Almuñécar is a different land, but so it is our sea. As we said in other posts, we are at a privileged geographical area. Thanks to our location, we have a unique climate in Europe, Subtropical Climate. This doesn´t only lead us to grow fruits more typical in Latin America than in Europe, but also our waters have very interesting animals and sea vegetables. At Victoria Playa Hotel, we welcome a lot of guests who are scuba-diving or snorkelling lovers, ¿what there will be under the sea?

Depending on the area you are, you will find one specie or another. Consider we have sandy and really rocky beaches, you notice this difference just when you go from a beach to another one. A very important spotlight between divers is “Punta de la Mona”. There, you can find endangered species, as “ferruginosa” limpet, as well as orange coral and Mediterranean conch. But there are two beautiful animal that attract most of people: Loggerhead Turtle and Bottlenose Delphin.

Another very well-known spot is the one called “el Tesorillo”, a home for “arto” bushes or hawthorn, catalogued as vulnerable. Besides, we have the so called“alga parda” inserted in the wild species in the Need of Special Protection List. At the rocks, you can also see “ferruginosas” and black limpets, as well as sea dates.

If you can’t do scuba-diving, in Almuñecar, we have several schools and clubs for amateur divers. Due to the quality of our waters, they work all over the year, so you have the guaranty that they are very professional and trained people. Almuñécar has diving teacher for all ages and levels. The only thing you need is the desire of learning.

Keeping in mind our waters biodiversity and that some of the species you can see are endangered or in a especial protection regime, it is important to be the most respectful with the environment you can be. Divers are just guests to their home, so you must take care of the sea above all.

As we said, at Victoria Playa Hotel, we host many divers who tell us their terrific experiences. Hotel Victoria Playa staff is always willing to listen to their sea adventures. We like supporting you with everything you need to have a good time and a good rest, ¿what about you? ¿Do you feel like telling us about your adventures?
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Hotel Victoria Playa, more than half a century
The Hotel Victoria Playa de Almuñécar, a family business with more than half a century that continues to innovate

The Hotel Victoria Playa was not born out of nowhere. It is not the consequence of an occurrence, but of a life dedicated to work and love for Almuñécar and the Costa Tropical. The roots of this hotel are those of a whole generation full of dreams. The young Spaniards of the 50s wanted to start their own projects. Having their own business was a way of building themselves, leaving the past aside and, in addition, contributing to the development of the place where they had been born. The relationship of that generation with its people was so intimate that today it is difficult to find such intensity in the new generations.

José Fernández is one of these people. While still a teenager, hebegan working with his uncle Pepe in the now defunct "Yinch" Restaurant, located on Puerta del Mar Beach in Almuñécar. In addition, he worked in one of the most emblematic hotels of the Costa Tropical, the Hotel Sexi. This hosted people of the highest level of culture, in fact, singers like Rocío Jurado performed at its facilities. With all that experience, in 1964, and only 24 years old, he decided to set up his first hotel business: Pensión Victoria.

His dedication, his good work, his surrounding himself with good professionals and the presence of his wife, Lola, meant that by 1970, the business would have grown exponentially. So much so that that same year, he decided to open a second business, to return to do the same 8 years later. By that time, Almuñécar had also undergone a huge transformation, thanks to the sacrifice and work of dreamers like José Fernández and Lola. But work is not enough. To have success like this, it is essential to have good values. And José Fernández has always had them. Hospitality is about giving the best customer service. Even, we must anticipate what they want, to surprise them and find themselves better than at home. To achieve this, the human team that works for the project had to be the visible face of those values And he, the best example.

Today his message has penetrated so deep that Hotels Almuñécar is a leader in the sector, thanks to the Hotel "Victoria Centro", Hotel "Victoria Playa" and FIRMVN Restaurant, serious aspiring to become the first Michelin-starred restaurant in Granada. They seem like enough achievements for a 79-year-old man who has been working since he was a child. However, his imagination is just as alive.

It has all its energies placed on two very ambitious projects: a tourist apartment building in Almuñécar and a four-star hotel in Playa Granada. Close to him, works hand by hand, dedication by dedication, his son, José Andrés Fernández. This tireless hotelier has inherited a passion for good work and respect for the client, along with his desire to promote the economic development of the Costa Tropical. The Almuñécar Hotels team is proud to be part of a project that means so much to our area and, above all, that it treats us as if we were part of the same family that started it all.
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May crosses in Almuñécar: do you know the origin?
Si hay una festividad granadina, es esta. Sin embargo, son muchas las personas que se preguntan de dónde viene la tradición de las cruces de mayo. En el Hotel “Victoria Playa”, somos amantes de nuestra cultura. Por eso, investigamos para contarte todo lo que vamos aprendiendo. Así cuando vengas y veas Almuñécar lleno de cruces floreadas, valorarás mejor su belleza y originalidad.

Qué celebramos en las cruces de mayo de Almuñécar
Jerusalén es Tierra Santa para las tres culturas semíticas. Por tanto, también es un lugar histórico de peregrinaje. En una de estas peregrinaciones, la Emperatriz Flavia Julia Helena, madre del Emperador Constantino, encontró la cruz en la que Jesucristo fue crucificado, en el siglo III después de Cristo.

A pesar de que estamos hablando del Imperio Romano, el Cristianismo tenía ya mucha fuerza en Europa. Tanto es así, que la Emperatriz prefirió abrazar la fe cristiana por encima de su cultura de origen. Por esta razón, tanto la Iglesia Ortodoxa como la Católica la beatificaron, de forma que hoy se la conoce como Santa Helena.

Así pues, su conversión la llevó a visitar las Tierras Santas, con el objetivo de buscar reliquias de la Vera Cruz, la Verdadera Cruz. Su empeño y su determinación fueron tan fuertes, que terminó por ser recompensada con el hallazgo de la misma.

En conmemoración de este logro, Granada se decidió a adornar los patios de las casas con una cruz cubierta de claveles rojos. Rojos, como la sangre de Cristo. Poco a poco estas cruces fueron sacándose a las calles. Cada barrio, cada gremio, cada cofradía quería tener su propia cruz floreada y que esta fuera la más bonita del municipio. Incluso, aunque tuvieran que pedir dinero a los vecinos, con el clásico “un chavico para la cruz”.

Cruces de mayo de Almuñécar hoy
Las Cruces de mayo son hoy una mezcla de costumbres cristianas y andalusíes. Por eso, las cruces, además de estar recubiertas de claveles rojos, y rodeadas de herramientas del campo tradicionales y de las viandas más sencillas, escuchas flamenco y Sevillanas, cuando las visitas. Además, también degustas los platos más tradicionales de nuestra zona: tortilla de patatas, embutidos, morcilla, caracoles… acompañados de manzanilla o rebujito.
Para Almuñécar, las Cruces de mayo son la oportunidad perfecta para reunirse con los amigos y la familia. De hecho, la propia organización de las mismas conserva esa vocación colectiva. Son los propios vecinos y cofrades los que organizan y diseñan las cruces, por lo que recuperan así un sentimiento de hermandad poco común en nuestros días.
En el Hotel “Victoria Playa” reconocemos ese valor familiar como algo propio también. Por eso, tratamos a nuestros huéspedes y nuestros compañeros como lo hacemos con nuestros amigos más íntimos. La cercanía es fundamental para nosotros. Esto explica nuestro compromiso con la excelencia y nuestro deseo de poner a vuestra disposición lo mejor de nosotros mismos y las mejores instalaciones posibles.
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Networking in Hotel Victoriá Playa thanks to SMYBEDS
Amuñécar is a perfect place to have a rest and go on holiday to, but we don’t settle for this. Victoria Playa Hotel aspires to give the best to our guests. We work throughout the year on it, although reaching every corner in the world is not always easy. Therefore, we are always willing to collaborate with other leader organizations and project in our sector, as it is SMYBEDS.

SMYBEDS is a Logitravel project, head in something that some people are already used to: the link between technology and travelling. More and more people buy their tickets, book accommodation… on the internet. We owe this to innovative businesses like Logitravel. In this case, SMYBEDS is its tour operation brand. They help traditional agencies to sell more and better, thanks to their tools.

We had the honour of working with them, in concrete, in SMYBEDSFAM, an experience dedicated to family tourism, organised by themselves along with the Patronato Municipal de Almuñécar. The proposal was very interesting. The invited agencies came with their clients. Thus, while these clients were having fun by visiting Almuñécar, the agents attended a workshop, whose tittle is clear about its vocation: “How to get clients freely for your travel agency”.

We weren’t alone in SMYBEDSFAM. Other local hotelier companies, such us Almuñécar Playa Spa Hotel or Hotel Bahía. We are now sure that one’s success is everybody’s success. Having that in mind, we all are disposed to work together on local touristic sector behalf.
From our part, we loved accommodating these guests. They were a charming and lovely group. It was a great pleasure to feel their enthusiasm when they came back from their walk around Almuñécar. In addition, they said goodbye in a very special way, because they stood up and sang a very moving hymn.

As you can see, we are trully satisfied and very content about the SMYBEDFAM experience. Theses days have been very especial for all of us. Vitoria Playa Hotel is an ideal location for family tourism, but we always want to improve ourselves. Collaborating and working with other partners help us on our search for our continuous improvement. Each one, each person has been able to learn and has become an inspiration to one another. 

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Holy Week in Almuñécar: slides, music, magics...
Almuñécar Holy Week is very special, with a deep tradition. Along its millenary streets, its centenarian carves parade. Almuñécar people live your first bathe in the sea Easter with a very partiular feeling, between joy and devotion. Besides, sometimes it’s posibble for you tu have your first bathe in the sea!. Two minutes from the beach, “Victoria Playa” Hotel backs one of the most emblematic pomenade in the town, ready to offer you a plus of rest and fun for all the family.

“Victoria Playa” Hotel has planned activities for every single day of Holy Week. On Monday, we begin with a magics show by “Fygy magician”. A conjurer that doesn’t only surprise you with his tricks, but outstands due to his ability to tell funny stories to frame his magics. In addition, our hotel in Almuñécar always counts on a more than versatile artist, Belén, who will give give worshops for kids. They’ll have a great time!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, our guests will enjoy live music. Of course, you’ll be able to dance, if you feel like it. The show is so stunning that it’s on you whether to delight on the music or to take on the flloor or both.

On Holy Thursday, we open our water slides! We have lifeguards, but Belén is playing with the little ones, doing their best so that they can have an unique day, before watching the Holy Week “procesiones” and tasting the sexitan gastronomy, in the tapas way o in the autor cuisine way, at restaurants like FIRMUN. If all of this isn’t enough for you, you’ll attend a Cabaret gig at “Victoria Playa” Hotel.

Finally, on Friday and Saturday María Azabache will liven the nights up thanks to her music. María is a whole music symbol here in Almuñécar. She knows how to cheer you up, and how to make you feel dancing as inevitable.

While water slides will be available from Holy Thursday, the activities, games and balloon twisting workshops are due to the entire week. “Victoria Playa” Hotel always works hard to enrich your stay with us. Thus, you can be sure of our rooms and suites comfort, as well as the posibility of using the rest of facilitilies, for instance, our gym. Remenber we are at your disposal whenever, and we say “whenever”, you want.
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Tapas in Almuñécar: route of the "tapa" in spring
If something characterizes the province of Granada are tapas . Unlike what happens in other parts of Spain , many bars and restaurants have a free tapa with each drink . In recent years, the hoteliers of Almuñécar are making a great effort to offer better tapas and, above all, more creative. At Hotel Victoria Playa we are very proud of their desire to excel and we love being able to welcome and take care of those who want to accompany them.

To demonstrate the results of these efforts, this year 2019 marks the Fifth Edition of the Tapa Route in Almuñécar . More than 25 establishments will elaborate original tapas with the typical products of the Costa Tropical . With the aim of offering greater enjoyment, you will have the opportunity to make the route on two different weekends : March 29-31 and April 5-7 .

To give more prominence to the guests, they can vote for the best alternative. The proposal is very funny . In each business, you can ask for a passport where the covers will be with your photograph . After trying them, you can write the score in it. The evaluation of the clients will be 60% of the grade , so that the other 40% will be in charge of a jury composed of 5 people. These will make their tastings and issue their judgments incognito. Bars and restaurants will never know they are serving the professional jury. In the case of clients, for their scores to be taken into account, they must have a minimum of five points scored . We like traveling people! Once you have your passport stamped, you will have to leave it at the delivery points: the polls of the Plaza de la Constitución, the Tourism Office of the Paseo del Altillo or the Aquarium .

But, how to know which businesses are participating in the route of the cover? It is very simple. The City of Almuñécar has created a website that works with geolocation so you know where to go and choose which tapas you want to try first. In any case, at Hotel Victoria Playa we will be happy to help and advise you if you have any questions. When the day is over, you can rest in a more than comfortable room. Even if you want to take a bath before starting the route, you can always take a dip in our heated pool. Also, if you prefer to compensate the excellent food with some exercise, we have a good gym and a Turkish bath . And, of course, our full attention. The guests come first.
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Easter Holidays in Almuñécar
Holy Week is always there just when you need it. It is a time to disconnect, rest and regain strength. That is why you usually look for fun destinations but relaxing at the same time. Almuñécar has these characteristics. In addition, you can immerse yourself in the culture and watch the processions after spending a day at the beach. Hotel Victoria Playa is just five minutes away from the beach and ten minutes from the centre. It would be convenient to stay at this hotel and move around.

In Almuñécar, like all over Andalusia, Holy Week is a time for tradition. Therefore, you can see processions every day. However, it is on Holy Thursday when there are more on the street. This makes it an ideal place to discover Easter in the coast of Granada while having fun with other leisure options.

Here you will find one of the most original must-sees on these dates: "El paso Simon", declared an event of National Tourist Interest. It is a representation of the Passion of Jesus Christ through the oldest images of the municipality. The images are carried across town on the shoulders of the devoted horquilleros and horquilleras, to eventually gather together in the Plaza de la Constitución. While listening to the moving narration, you will see the Virgen de los Dolores, the "Nazareno" and San Juan interacting with each other and with the people.

If you want to continue delving into history, the town has a lot to offer considering it is the fifth oldest city in Spain. Founded by the Phoenicians during the third century BC, it has been enclave of all the cultures that have passed through the Iberian Peninsula due to its strategic position and its desirable weather. Thus, you can see all the remains such as the Fish Salting Factory (" Los Salazones "), the Roman aqueduct and the Castillo de San Miguel. In addition, it is an hour away from Granada where you can take the opportunity to visit the Alhambra.

If what you want is to rest, Almuñécar is a very good alternative too. We are in the Tropic of Europe: the Sun is usually our faithful companion. As a result, it is common for many people to go to the beach for the first time during Easter. In addition, starting from Holy Thursday you can have fun at Hotel Victoria Playa with our slides, as well as our facilities, such as the heated pool and the Turkish bath.

Our special climate gives us so much more to offer: a landscape that is a feast for the eyes as well as the tongue. Our region gives us such exceptional fruits such as avocado, mango and cherimoya. You can take them home if you go to the town market and have a taste in the restaurants together with the local wines.

Almuñécar meets the conditions you are looking for a perfect destination for the Holy Week. Tradition, history, good food, good wine, fun and rest. At Hotel Victoria Playa we strive to improve your experience, not only with our facilities, but also with our staff. Therefore, we give our best of ourselves to make your perfect holiday happen.
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Weekend of rock and flamenco in Almuñécar
La Semana Santa ha terminado, pero Almuñécar sigue viva y el Hotel “Victoria Playa” también. Nos gusta disfrutar de nuestro pueblo y que nuestros invitados disfruten con nosotros. Por eso, siempre hay algo que hacer en Almuñécar, además de deleitarse con las ventajas naturales de estar en el Trópico de Europa. Lo que va a suceder este fin de semana es un ejemplo de ello. Si visitas Almuñécar, podrás asistir al espectáculo flamenco de David Pérez, un bailaor joven que está teniendo muy buena acogida, y un concierto tributo a U2.

Flamenco en Almuñécar el viernes 23 de abril: David Pérez y su espectáculo de danza “Puntal”

Aunque Almuñécar esté en la costa de Granada, sigue siendo Granada. Nuestra provincia tiene un lugar especial en el flamenco. No solo porque haya sido el lugar de nacimiento de estrellas tan prominentes como Enrique Morente o Pepe el Habichuela, sino porque es una de las cunas del mismo. Granada tiene la suerte de haber parido el Sacromonte, un monte lleno de cuevas donde los gitanos han vivido desde el siglo XII y donde entraron en contacto con las tres culturas. Crearon un flamenco con sello propio, así como una afición que perdura y se renueva sin cesar.

Gracias a esa afición, David Pérez llega desde Sevilla con su espectáculo de danza “Puntal”. Tras haber bailado con figuras como la cantaora Esperanza Fernández, con bailaores como Antonio Canales y con directores como Salvador Tábora, presenta su segundo espectáculo en solitario, “Puntal”, donde explora el flamenco “jondo”, a través de tres ejes: el cante, el baile y el toque. Así, verás al bailaor y a su arte sin adornos, puros, a pecho descubierto. Es ahí donde un artista demuestra su hondura. Dicen en el Sacromonte, que bailando por soleá no se puede mentir. Se sabe o no se sabe. En “Puntal”, David Pérez demuestra que sabe.

Rock en Almuñécar el 28 de abril: Tributo a U2, Underskin el domingo

Por otra parte, el domingo tenemos a Tributo U2 y su show Underskin. Si hay una banda de rock que ha dejado huella es U2. No es de extrañar que haya tantas versiones de sus canciones ni que hayan surgido tantas formaciones que los homenajean. En el caso de Tributo U2, estamos hablando de una tribute band que ha girado por todo el mundo para llevar los éxitos más representativos de la formación liderada por Bono.

Tributo U2 nacieron en Italia, pero, como decíamos, han dado la vuelta al mundo, desde que comenzaran su andadura en el año 2008. Desde entonces, han demostrado tanta calidad que el propio Bono quiso felicitarlos en persona, tras coincidir en Dublín. Por tanto, es seguro que los fans de U2 podrán disfrutar con sus canciones favoritas, gracias al estupendo recorrido que Underskin hace por el repertorio de un grupo que ya forma parte de la historia del Pop-Rock.

Además de estos dos espectáculos, también está programado un concierto del Joven Coro de la Orquesta de Granada en la Iglesia de la Encarnación. Pero hemos querido destacar estos espectáculos porque resumen a la perfección lo que ha sido la historia musical de Granada en el último siglo: un viaje por el mestizaje y la fusión de las músicas del mundo. Para que tú también puedas emprender ese viaje, el Hotel “Victoria Playa” te ofrece estupendas habitaciones y un equipo que trabaja para dar el mejor servicio al cliente. Tendrás también a tu disposición nuestras piscinas, jacuzzi y, por supuesto, nuestro show nocturno de música en directo. Si queréis pasar un fin de semana romántico, os aconsejamos que apostéis por nuestras suites, ya que incluyen jacuzzi privado.

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